Safer pregnancy for mom, doctor, and baby

The Emagine platform connects moms and providers. As a mom, you have all of your pregnancy information at your fingertips. As a provider, medical decisions become faster and easier.

Modernizing maternal healthcare

We provide a new level of care for pregnant women by combining handheld ultrasound and advanced doctor-patient software to improve maternal health outcomes

Patients Download The Journey

Moms log and manage pregnancy symptoms as they happen for an empowered healthcare journey from positive pregnancy test through postpartum recovery

Providers Access The Journey Clinic

Healthcare providers get real time information about their patients' symptoms and vitals and can monitor high risk pregnancies between prenatal visits

Scan Patients with VistaScan

Providers use our FDA-cleared quick look ultrasound VistaScan in prenatal appointments to get more complete diagnostic information

The Pregnancy Tracker that creates a more informed pregnancy journey

In a few minutes a day, Moms can track daily vitals, symptoms and keep records of their pregnancy using The Journey. This data is shared to your care provider and allows her to react faster and be more informed about your pregnancy.

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Our Unique Solution For Safer Pregnancies

More informed pregnancies lead to better outcomes. Our technology provides another layer of care for moms from positive pregnancy test through postpartum recovery

Real time patient health data for providers ensures a more informed pregnancy

The Journey Clinic

It's a powerful economic proposition for providers and it's powerful for the patients who have more information about their own health

Take action and modernize pregnancy care

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Handheld ultrasound developed specifically for women's healthcare


FDA-cleared handheld portable ultrasound provides reassurance to providers and moms.  Providers can scan patients in seconds, save images securely to the patient's record and share ultrasound images with expectant moms.  VistaScan is a life-saving technology invented for moms by moms.  Contact us to get a quote to get VistaScan for your clinic.

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